Escalating Registers is a project. We want to launch a magazine for high school and college students. Our focus is on education – not just the classroom and lecture type – but in the way where doing something or being somewhere has made someone into the person they are today. Be sure to read what we publish to get an idea of what we’re looking for.

We’re lucky that our staff is also a bunch of high school and college students. So, while the magazine we’re making is for people our age, we don’t expect (nor do we write imagining) we speak to or for a particular generation. If that happens, it’s just a fortunate correlation.

We started this believing people of all ages have the capacity to be equally insightful, and at times spectacularly stupid. We want the smart stuff. If this means taking submissions from someone past their 20s, why not? If you’re younger, what’s stopping you? The essayist Cynthia Ozick, now 85, put it another way: “Generations, yours and mine, are broader and roomier and more flexible than that.”

Some Guidelines Before You Submit:

Response Times 
Should be within two weeks. If longer, assume it was lost and please resend.

Simultaneous Submissions 
Are accepted.

Cover Letter
If you need one, include it! (Some categories require them.)


We have specific word counts depending on the type of submission. But rules are made to be broken. i.e. If more words are needed, prove it. Do so at your own risk. It may make us think we probably should be crueler about word counts and that sort of thing.


We can’t – sorry. (See: “we’re lucky that our staff is also a bunch of high school and college students.”)

Previously Published Work

We cannot accept

Staff Positions

Have very specific criteria and are not treated the same way as submissions – read those carefully if you’re applying. Good luck!

We consider pieces of creative non-fiction, personal stories, essays, observations, and so forth. Please keep submissions under 1200 words - no formatting needed. If you have images or other artwork you would like to use, please attach up to three. 
Please include an introduction no more than 300 words and up to ten photographs, with a brief caption for each image.

We are looking for a student contributor who loves reporting the news and believes in good journalism. The mission of Escalating Registers’ news department is to publish accurate, well-constructed news pieces pertinent to students. These include but are not limited to reportage on social and curricular trends, events at individual colleges, congressional legislation, crime stories, foreign policy, and international news.

There is no shortage of repackaged or aggregated news online; some of it's quite good, but that’s not us. Our focus is on research and investigation. We would rather be correct than first, and we prefer to present topics and issues that we feel are important to or affect students.

We Expect: 

Prior Experience

With your school newspaper, your local paper, etc. We look forward to reading some of this work.

Some Local Flavor

Having a presence on your campus, at your school, or in your local area (during the summer, especially) can help you report on events deserving of attention. News happens, and we want you to be there when it does.

Some Qualities We Look For:


To pitch ideas and receive assignments for pieces - on a reasonable schedule, of course.  


The ability to consistently work under and meet them.

Excellent Copy-Editing Skills

Are much loved. Escalating Registers uses AP Style (with some exceptions). So, grammar-loving, AP Stylebook-toting snoots are welcome. Teach us, and we will obey.

Likes Bothering

The editors about things they can improve and stuff you want to write. You will work in conjunction with the news editors and editors-in-chief to pitch and decide on stories. The editors will read all of your submissions and prepare them for publication.